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Day 12 AEDM: Workout Album Art

This Sunday, my husband’s side of the family is celebrating all those who have fall birthdays.

One of his Aunt Cristi’s gift requests is new music she can listen to while she works out. Since I am a big fan of music AND exercise, I put together a disc full of tracks I think she’ll enjoy.

For today’s art, I used old magazines and scrapbook paper to make a collage for the CD cover.

Which way to the gun show? ;)

Photo 252

Day 10 AEDM: Flowery Signage

Made this sign for a baby shower this weekend. Besides taking out the trash, it’s about all I “accomplished” today. But I DID have lots of fun with my baby boy, who is 20 weeks old today!


Day 9 AEDM: Paisley Peek

Today my good little baby took a two hour nap and I finally got a chance to start on a project that I MUST have finished before this weekend.

Since it’s a gift, I can only show little peeks today. I’ll show the total, finished project after I’ve given it to its new owner.



Day 6 AEDM: Weekend Miscellany

We have our girls this weekend, so things are busy!

Our oldest girl has a science project due Monday, so we spent the morning constructing a model of a sulfur atom.


I’ve also worked on a few more paper pinwheels (see yesterday’s post).


I’ve also started mapping out what I’ll need to fill up a collage frame. My MIL has had it sitting in her house for months and she’s just too busy to put it together, so I offered to do it for her. :)


So, lots of creative things happening, even if nothing is quite “finished” today. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Day 5 AEDM: Paper Pinwheels

Today’s project: paper pinwheels! I’ve been wanting to make them since my friend Evie posted a tutorial on her blog.


The white one is about 9″ in diameter and the large one is about 18″ in diameter.

I plan to make several more, plus black and pink ones (and patterned paper ones as well) to be used for decor at an upcoming party. I’ll post another pic once they are all completed!

MJ’s 8th birthday

My, how time flies! When Andrew and I met, his youngest daughter was just 5 years old. Now she’s a beautiful 8 year old who just gets smarter and funnier and prettier every day.


Since MJ was turning 8 on April 8th, this was her one and only Golden Birthday. So I was extra excited when she asked me if I’d make the cake for her party at Remington Park.

Her request was perfectly ‘MJ’: A tiered chocolate cake with pink icing and polka dots. So that’s what she got! :)


Her little friends were so cute. They kept saying, “You MADE that?” and “You make really good cakes!” I love kids…they are so easily pleased.


Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you and are SO proud of you!


#102: Cupcake Kabobs

In September, I started a cupcake adventure. If you haven’t read about it yet, you can do so here.


What, you’ve never heard of a Cupcake Kabob before?!


The first thing I did to prep the kabobs was grab a bunch of these:


And a bunch of these:


If I could help it, I didn’t want to repeat colors on each kabob, so I skewered the candied fruit slices on the sticks so I could get a feel for how things would pan out.


The next several steps are the same ones I followed to make the Lamington Mini-Cupcakes. In fact, the same mini-cuppies were used, so I just repeated the photos here in case you missed the Lamingtons post (shame on you, by the way).





Like I mentioned before, it made a BIG batch…which is good when you have lots of kabobs to create!


The icing was a simple paste made of warm milk and confectioner’s sugar.


Each mini cupcake was hand-dipped in the icing,


and the excess was given a moment to run off.


Here’s the tricky part…you have to refrain from just gobbling these up after they are dipped. It’s difficult, let me tell you! Especially since they are so miniature and cute!


Since I managed a sliver of self-control long enough to add some sugar sprinkles, this was the final result:


Now, repeat a million times with various colors of sugar sprinkles.


Okay, maybe not a million, but MANY times nonetheless.


Mmm. If you are the impatient type, you could just stop here, slap these babies on a plate, and call it a day. You just wouldn’t be able to call them “kabobs.”


I then added one cupcake of each color (orange, yellow, pink) to a skewer, alternating fruit slices in between.


And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat….


Since these were for a bake sale, I wrapped each one in cellophane, tied the ends with cheerful yellow ribbon and called it a day.


They were absolutely darling.


And I was absolutely spent.

Girlie Guitar

A couple years ago, I made a 1st birthday cake with a Rockstar theme. I recently got a request to do another guitar cake–for a girl this time–a girl that was having a Hannah Montana party.

Naturally, after being cut to the correct shape, girls’ cakes start with a base coat of pink icing:


I added details in purple to make the cake truly “Hannah-ish”.


To complete the guitar, I used chocolate icing for the frets and screws. All the details were made from homemade marshmallow fondant (which tastes much better than the store-bought kind).


All of the fondant pieces were brushed with a faint gold luster dust to give them a nice, girlie sparkle. Here are the tuning pegs:

tuning pegs

The pickups:


The knobs:


And a monogram for the birthday girl herself. A true rockSTAR.


And THIS is the best part…seeing a child’s face light up when they see their custom-designed birthday cake. :)


Here’s to many more happy, happy birthdays, Mikala!

Arr, Matey!

Here’s a “blast from the past” cake…I made this over a year and a half ago for a friend’s little boy. He was turning 4 and the theme for his party was “Pirates!”

I started with a 12″ two-layer chocolate cake, frosted a pale peach/skin tone color. I used a red fabric bandana and a plastic eye patch to complete his look.

Pirate 1

I used tinted fondant for the pirate’s ears and gold earring (wish I’d known about luster dust back then…it would’ve been really awesome to make it actually look like GOLD!)

Pirate 3

Buttercream icing comprised the pirate’s facial features, goatee, and mustache. I used the grass piping tip to give it a somewhat realistic ‘hairy’ look.

Pirate 2

This was a fun cake to make! It’s rare I get to make cakes for boys’ birthdays…not really sure why that is. And as simple as this cake was, it’s still one of my favorites. Just seeing it puts a smile on my face. :)

Girlie Cupcakes

Last year, Andrew’s daughter Sierra turned 9 and in honor of her birthday, I made a very girlie cupcake tower, complete with apple blossoms and gerbera daisies made from royal icing. I set up the tower before she arrived home from school, and we kicked off her birthday celebration with the extinguishing of a single candle.


Naturally, when Sierra’s younger sister Mesa was asked what kind of birthday cake she’d like for her next birthday, she wanted a cupcake tower. I was in luck, as royal icing flowers last for ages, and I still had some daisies left. I also had large circle confetti sprinkles and chocolate jimmies, so I did some experimenting. The result looked a little something like this:



I had fun making “sunflowers” using a star tip and large circle confetti sprinkles:


Pink icing, star tip swirl and a purple gerbera daisy:


#12 tip with lavendar icing and pink confetti sprinkles:


#12 tip with lavendar icing and a pink gerbera daisy:


A pink-iced cupcake covered in chocolate jimmies:


At the party, Mesa (4th from left) and her cousins gathered around the cupcake tower to debate who would get each cupcake.


And then…it was time to EAT!