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You Can’t Get There From Here

My sister is always on the lookout for books with great titles. When she finds them, she has me rip out the guts and replace them with blank pages so she can journal. It’s a win-win situation, really.

So when she found the above title, I knew it would make the perfect diary for her experiences with motherhood. She just had her first baby in February and has been learning a “new normal” over the past 10 months.

Plus, since most moms don’t get much uninterrupted “me time”, a ribbon bookmark for saving her place was essential!

How about you? Do you journal? If so, how often do you look back on what you’ve written? What have you learned about yourself over the years?

Memory Books

Perhaps you remember the photo album I made for my niece, Ensley Grace last year.

Well, 2011 saw the addition of more little babies into our extended family. It was only fair that they get their very own memory books, too!

Today’s post is a showcase of the baby photo albums I’ve made this year.


My newest nephew, Ethan Craig, was born on August 3. Let me tell you, boyish fabric is hard to find!! Even the prints that are blues and greens are usually paisleys or florals. Then there’s camouflage and trucks, but there’s not really any fabrics in between the two extremes. That said, I was able to find a geometric patterned one for Ethan’s album.

I just love these circular letters! They worked so well with this fabric, too!

Despite the fact that this album is for a boy, I couldn’t resist adding a little bling to the spine. :)

Black ribbon ties hold the memories inside.


Niece Madilyn Rose arrived on October 21st…the first girl in a household of three older brothers! As you can imagine, her mommy was excited to finally have a baby to dress inĀ  frilly, girly PINK things!

Her book was ultra-girly as well. Lots of pinks…the letter brads, the tie ribbons, and the rhinestones!

The inside pages were a fun orange-sherbet color. I LOVE how this turned out with the outside pattern. This book may be one of my favorite combos that I’ve done. In fact, I liked the cover fabric so much I bought extra yardage so I can use it again in future projects.


In addition to the books I made for our family members, I was also hired to design books for other people’s loved ones.

This gender-neutral jungle book was created for a grandma to house all her photos of her grandkids.

The inside paste pages were chocolate brown, and each page held 4×6 photos, 2-up.

The spine was made of reinforced Davy board wrapped in leafy cardstock. The two patterns complemented each other perfectly!

Ahh, the memories that will be contained in these pages. Makes my heart smile just thinking about it.

Photo albums are among my most prized possessions. I treasure the memories they contain and I would love to make a one-of-a-kind album for someone special in your life! Email me for more details.

Dane’s Memories

My younger sister, Arica, found out she was pregnant just a few days after I delivered my first baby, Beau. We both chose not to find out what we were having, so you can imagine our excitement when we both had boys!

I love making photo albums as baby shower gifts, and the following album was even more special since it was for my first nephew on my side of the family!

I just LOVE how these marquee letters look on album covers! And doesn’t my nephew have such a fun name?!

My sister decorated the nursery in greens and browns with a tree theme as the main focus. I knew she’d love the green crosshatch pattern of the photo pages and the rich chocolate-brown color of the paste papers.

A satin brown ribbon ties it all together.

I love you, seester, and I’m glad we have each other to lean on as we navigate this journey called “motherhood!”

Dane is awesome. It’s been so fun watching him grow the past several months, and that sentiment is something I’m sure I’ll repeat a million times over the coming years!

Check back this Thursday for a photographic journey through the baby shower I hosted for Arica and Dane. You won’t want to miss it!

Donna’s Turn

I know a gal named Donna who is one of the sweetest, giving people you could ever hope to know. She’s always putting others before herself, so I was ecstatic when she asked me if I would make a custom journal for HER. Just for her.

Her thoughts.

Her prayers.

Her struggles.

Her dreams.

Her gratitude.

Her frustrations.

Oh, the many things we can write in a journal that is for our eyes only!

Donna wanted a journal that was artsy and fun and had a biblical Scripture inside the front cover to set the tone for her journaling. Donna chose Psalm 51:10.

I just love this wild (but not too crazy) patterned paper, don’t you?!

Donna is a mom to four very energetic and imaginative kiddos and I wanted to make sure they knew this journal belongs to Mama and no one else! I added marquee letters to the front to personalize the cover.

As any parent knows, it’s good to occasionally have some ‘me-time’, whether you use it for journaling, exercise, gardening, reading, or just drinking a glass of wine alone! :) I am sure Donna has already begun filling up the pages of this book with the contents of her heart, soul, and mind.

Donna, when this book is full and you’re ready for another, let me know. From one mom to another, I want to help make sure you have the space you need to ‘roam free’…at least on paper!

Teeny-Weeny Baby Books

I was one of the first people to know that my friend Shonda was expecting her first baby. In fact, I knew before her family did! She called me up to see if I could make some fun little announcements for her to give her family as surprises. SO FUN!

She needed 15 books so I settled on a 3-inch x 3-inch size so I could make the most of the materials I had purchased for her project.

I started by cutting 30 squares from Davey board, which was no small job:

Each square was covered with green polka dot paper. A brown ribbon was added to the back cover that would serve as a tie closure.

All 15, tied with bows, in nice neat rows.

I love miniatures, don’t you?!

When family members untied the ribbon, this accordion message would unfurl, letting them in on Shonda and Chris’s secret.

We added this to the end in case someone was a little slow on the uptake. :)

As you can tell by the message, their baby is now several months old. And she is such a doll!! Congratulations again, Chris and Shonda. You are such wonderful parents and I have no doubt you are enjoying every second with your baby girl!

Day 17 AEDM: Petal to the Metal

I’ve had a huge box full of silk flower petals for over 2 years (or has it been three years?) It’s time to do something with them. Today I figured out what that is…a book cover!

I still need to glue in the book block, so this isn’t technically finished, but I wanted to show the progress so far…

Photo 257

I ripped the flowers off their stems, pulled the petals apart, then stuck a sequin and a mini brad in the center of each one. The mini brad was then stabbed through the pleather cover fabric and fastened.

I’m excited to continue working on this…once it’s done it will be available for purchase under the “For Sale” tab in the top right corner.

Day 15 AEDM: Baby Girl Photo Album

I hinted about it and gave a couple sneak-peek shots in this post.

Here’s the final product…a personalized photo album that I made for my SIL Ali and her soon-to-arrive (in January) 3rd little girl, Ensley Grace.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect reason to use this fabric!


I love adding names to the front of albums. There will be no mistaking to whom this book belongs!


Satin ribbon tie closures:


The back cover. The paste pages and the photo pages both coordinate with the cover fabric.


Day 9 AEDM: Paisley Peek

Today my good little baby took a two hour nap and I finally got a chance to start on a project that I MUST have finished before this weekend.

Since it’s a gift, I can only show little peeks today. I’ll show the total, finished project after I’ve given it to its new owner.



Don’t Forget to Fly

From the outside, this book looks pretty unassuming. But to my sister Arica and her friend, the title and the contents it will hold mean everything.


Arica’s dear friend is headed off to flight school and Arica is going to miss her terribly. When trying to come up with a good parting gift, Arica found this book, which I repurposed into a journal for her friend.


Not only was the title perfect, but Arica wrote a very sweet inscription that I included in a fluffy cloud inside the front cover.



Sister, I hope this journal blesses your friend as she starts a new chapter in her journey of life. May the distance not separate your kindred spirits.

Baby Boy Book

My uncle Gary asked me to make a journal for a co-worker of his…a gal that’s expecting her first baby around the same time as me, in fact!

I was excited to try an idea I’d had brewing for a while: a paper-wrapped cover with a bookbinding paper spine. Here is the result:


The cover paper was specifically “baby boy” themed, while the spine was covered in flocked (fuzzy) brown paper. I also added a white satin ribbon to be used as a bookmark.


The inside paste pages were a blue and white polka dot pattern that coordinated with the cover paper.


Congratulations Mindy, on your soon-to-be-here son! May this journal bless both of you as you record the memories and milestones of your pregnancy and his first chapter in life!