#85-Buy A Kallax Shelf from IKEA

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For several years, I have wanted a Kallax shelf from IKEA. So long, in fact, it used to be known by a different name and has since been redesigned. Now that we are nearing completion on our house, it was time to make a trip! Our nearest IKEA is 3.5 hours away in Dallas, so I invited my sister Sonny along for the adventure. Beau-boy stayed behind at a friend’s house so we could fold down the third row in our van, and the girls came with Sonny and me. Could NOT have done it without my sister’s help!

We arrived at lunchtime so, naturally, our IKEA experience began in the Café!



Finley was juuuuust tall enough to get to go in the children’s play area…but they only keep kids for an hour. So, she played while we browsed, and then we picked her up before heading to the warehouse to load up our items.

I wanted the 5×5 Kallax, which comes in four different (heavy) boxes. I also had enough cash in my “Ikea Trip” envelope to get two 4×2 Kallax units for the kids’ rooms! Needless to say, we filled a dolly in mere moments.


Very excited to *finally* have my shelf! It’s currently in our new garage, awaiting assembly. The concrete floor crew comes Monday, so I’ll be able to assemble it anytime after that. YAY!!

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