How to Create an Xbox Cake

I was asked to make an Xbox controller Groom’s cake for my friend Mikie’s wedding reception. Here are the steps it took to make this cake a success.


I baked two rectangular layers of milk chocolate cake, placed buttercream filling between the layers, and used a stencil I created on my computer to cut the cake into the correct

I frosted the entire cake in white buttercream and allowed the icing to crust (appoximately 20 minutes).

Once the icing had crusted, I used regular Viva paper towels to smooth the icing. This step helps the surface of the cake to more closely resemble plastic–a definite must when you are creating an Xbox controller! ((Note: I realize I could use fondant to give it a ‘plastic’ look…I just don’t think fondant tastes as good as buttercream, plus it’s more difficult to cut when you are ready to serve the cake.))

Next, I piped gray-tinted buttercream on the edge of the cake to match the controller.

Using a #12 tip, I created the buttons and triggers on the top edge of the cake to match the controller.

I used a second printout of my stencil to make all the buttons and joysticks the correct size. All buttons were created out of fondant that I tinted to match the buttons on the actual controller. All pieces were cut and shaped and left to dry overnight.

Using the actual controller as a model, I placed the fondant buttons in the correct positions on the cake. I then piped the details on the buttons using thin consistency buttercream.

Using the actual controller as a model, I placed the 3-D fondant joysticks in the correct positions on the cake.

The finished product…an Xbox Groom’s cake, iced and ready for my friend Mikie’s wedding reception.


The finished product as compared to its inspiration.


As much as I dislike its taste, fondant does hold a shape pretty well. Thus, all the buttons and joysticks were completely 3-D and made out of tinted fondant.


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  1. Abbi says:

    You can use any cake recipe or mix you like! Good luck!

  2. Kourtney says:

    Hello! I know this is old, but if possible, I would love an email reply of what size cake pans you used, how much fondant you had to use to make this (Like, measurements of the ingredients), how you smoothed your icing so well, and what recipe you used for the cake and icing, if possible?
    I plan to try this for my boyfriend’s 19th birthday, but in black instead. Also going to use airheads and starburst for the colored pieces instead of fondant. Though I will need fondant for the keypad parts.

  3. Mallory says:

    Do you have a recipe for your butter cream icing? I made some crusting butter cream before and it was absolutely disgusting.

  4. Carolina says:

    Your cake turned out awesome! My mom and I are attempting to make this cake for my brother who’s bday is tomorrow, have any idea where I can find the stencil used to get the shape of the controller right? Thanks!

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