Happy Birthday to Me!

Last summer, I turned 25 on the 25th of July. My “Golden Birthday”. To celebrate, I invited dozens of friends to a “Quarter-Life Crisis” party that would last the entire weekend. Naturally, no party would be complete without a CAKE!

Since it was for my own party, I used this opportunity to try my hand at making a two-tiered cake! I had never done one before, but my mom gave me plenty of tips and tricks to get started. I had also never experimented with fondant, so I did a little research and gave it a whirl.

I created a two-tier “funfetti” cake with classic white buttercream icing. I created green, orange, and pink fondant polka dots and a pink fondant bow.

Here I am piping the bottom border on the cake.

Here is the final product:

And here we are, celebrating!

(Until I saw this picture, I had no idea I blew air out the side of my mouth like that…weird!) :)

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