Oh, Boy!

My sweet friend Cindy Beall asked me to make a baby shower cake for her sweet friend Kyndal who was (and still is!) expecting her first child. I was told the colors of the baby’s soon-to-be bedroom, and I decided to make a two-tier chocolate cake with classic white buttercream and orange and blue decorations.

I offset the two tiers to give the cake a little flair and stuck to a stripes and polka dots theme. The final result:

I outlined each circle and filled in the shape with stars. I then piped a row of beads around the bottoms and tops of each tier.

I used a star tip to jazz up the writing. Yay! It’s a Boy!

I used the same star tip to pipe vertical stripes in blue, and then added orange stripes using a classic straight tip.

Okay, Baby Boy Braly. Your mommy got her cake and a fun shower. It’s time for you to make your big appearance!!! ;)


  1. Kyndal says:

    You forgot to mention that it was DELICIOUS! (I could totally go for a piece right about now…) Thanks again for helping make the day special!

  2. So cute….I never saw this one.

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